Friday, 28 October 2011

Some more old work...

Before you peruse this post, please note that the language used in the images might be offensive to sensitive people.
However, it is for good reason. With this work, I wanted to make a statement about the language that a surprising amount of people think is ok to use towards women. It is not so much about the words themselves, but the attitude behind them, that I find so insulting.

Coloured pencil, watercolour, finished in photoshop.

Some old work...

A self portrait in fineliner.

Some work for my very first project at uni. The idea was to design a case for a compilation CD based around a particular word or phrase. The theme I was given was 'The Solar System', so, naturally, I decided to make planets with hairstyles.

Marbled paper, pen and ink, acrylic paint.

Work for the same project, collage of marbled paper and photographs.

A drawing for a project called 'Waste'. I went with the very cheerful theme of anorexia.


An etching relating to the same project.

A drawing for a group project, where we were asked to create a fanzine. The topic given to my group was 'Games for Dads', and this piece was based on the idea that Dads like to play mind games with their kids. This one was 'How to vet your daughter's boyfriend'. I didn't end up using it in the finished zine, but I liked it all the same.


Finished work for the zine project. Each image was an A5 double-page spread. 

Acrylic paint, fineliner and collage.

And that's all for now, folks. I'll put up some more previous work soon, then give you a little look at my current project!